We, at the INDUS NATURALS, are a group of textile technologists, organic products consultants and eco sensitive  staff members who have a deep desire of producing genuine ECO FRIENDLY TEXTILES, based at Erode district in Tamilnadu, S.India.  The thought has driven us since 1995, nurtured by non violent cum ethical business ethos, so as to make a safe proposition, to both our environment and the eco systems.

Our goal

To realise our goal of producing eco friendly textiles in a sustainable manner, our technologists work with the systems and focus specifically on selection of home grown cotton and silk; spinning and weaving practices; natural dyeing; fabric finishing and garment making etc., likewise, we choose the very best options at all levels to put in place, in a professional fashion, these attempts which finally yields, a genuine cum greener choice of a versatile product range of shirts, towels, hand kerchief, sewing thread, embroidery threads., as of now. We propose to add few more products in near future.




  • This is genuine home grown cotton, free from synthetic fertilizer and pesticides on cultivation side.

  • During processing stage (dyeing , weaving & Gmt sewing ) only natural cum eco-friendly materials which does not harm either cotton fiber or artisans are used. Hence it is totally free from harmful and poisonous elements like bleaching & mercerizing agents , mordants , dye fixers & synthetic softeners which are common with other processors.

  • Heating process is only given at dyeing stage to impart natural dye over it, Heating either by fuel or electricity during scouring, washingoff, calendering, ironing-all are avoided so as to save earth from ENERGY AND FUEL CRISIS , and to mitigate global warming and OZONE DEPLETION in the long run.

  • One piece of this product manufacture would supports livelihood option for three farmer families to grow & collect dyes & processing materials in fresh form ,process it to extract colour and another three artisans of dyeing, weaving, gmt sewing & packing labour.

  • Let us be a crucial partner in the mission to save our earth from pollution and resource exploitation. Please support our mission to grow and spread to the larger mass.

ECO Friendly

As more than 23% of the total land of India are covered by forest, the opportunity of Ecotourism is immense. Ecoism is nature based development, which is ecologically sustainable. Thorough presence of forests, sea, rivers, waterfalls and gigantic Himalaya offer tourists abundant of opportunity to wallow themselves in eco exploration of India.


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